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Hello from UK phone card

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This calling card is a perfect solution for those people, who make calls not only within the UK, but want to get lowest rates possible in Europe, the US and Canada as well. Just choose Hello From UK prepaid phone card and you can enjoy cheapest rates possible and high quality service with clear sound.

Itís time to forget about complications you may have previously stumbled upon. Hello From UK Phone Card perfectly works in 14 major cities of the UK. Unless the majority of local prepaid phone cards, your Hello From UK has toll free numbers not only within the United Kingdom, but in Canada and the US! This is the best choice for British travelers as from now you can call from various parts of the world at local tariffs.

Forget about outdated phone cards that offer maintenance and connection fees! Hello From UK Calling Card doesnít have any of these. All you need to pay are standard 15% for Service Taxes and Surcharges. This card has a rounding of 3 minutes and expires only in case you donít refill it for a half or the year.

If the USA and Canada are your primary destinations, then Hello From UK is without a doubt a real must. You won't find any other British card that provides the same low rates in the USA! In Canada you need to pay a surcharge that is as little as 1.5c/min.

Hello From UK is one solution that covers all your various needs in both business/personal calls within the United Kingdom and overseas.

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